In early July 2023, the world experienced a severe heat wave. As a result, the state decided to implement scheduled power outages in homes to alleviate the strain on the electricity grid. These outages lasted for four hours each day, with different areas being affected at different times. However, even after the heat wave subsided, my city, Ashmoon, located in Elmenofia, Egypt, and the entire country continued to experience a daily two-hour power cut.
Some places, such as hospitals and mosques, started to use temporary solutions such as mobile generators to generate electricity.

Ahmed and Sami collected money together to purchase a used electricity generator.

 It depends on your ability to purchase a generator. Ibrahim continues to use candles to light his shop.
Muhammad: I must persevere with the work; there is no option to stop.
Mahmoud: Here I am, spending time with my friend Mustafa every day, chatting in the street until the electricity is restored. It's too hot to stay indoors without power.
I can't seem to recollect how I used to spend the ninth hour before the daily power outage.
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